Fairland Elementary Little Theatre

December 2013.....F.E.L.T. proudly presents

A Christmas Peter Pan

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
Peter Pan and Crocodile
Snow Fairies
Captain Hook and the Crocodile
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
The Snow Fairies
North Pole Toys
The North Pole Toys

Previous F.E.L.T. productions include:

Blast-Off OK!, Princess, The Nifty Fifties, King Arthur and the Knights of the Rad Table, A Bat for Babe, Santa's Magical Toys, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and A Christmas Carol

Santa and Elves
Santa and the Elves
Santa Claus after being Rescued
Family Group Pictere
Family Group Pic
Captain Hook and the Pirates
Captain Hook and the Pirates
Santa Claus after the Big Rescue!
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