Fairland School Counseling

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Fairland School Counseling Overview

Goals of the Department
The Student Services Department will provide professional services and coordinated activities to ensure compliance with State and Federal mandates that impact student personal, social, academic, physical and career development. The School Counseling Department will also provide professional services and coordinate activities in a timely and effective manner to reduce drug use and violent incidences that interfere with personal, social, academic, physical, and career development.

About Us
Counseling and guidance programs have gone through an evolution over several decades. Traditional approaches to guidance are characterized as process oriented, driven by crisis, and serving special populations only. These approaches are no longer relevant for today's needs. Many of the nation's problems can be addressed through prevention and early intervention. Currently, learning effectiveness and efficiency are being highlighted to accomplish the goal of educating responsible and productive citizens who have a global consciousness. More than ever, comprehensive counseling and guidance programs are critical to help prepare students to meet the challenges of the future.

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Fairland, OK 74343

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