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U.S. Universities by state

Colleges and Universities are listed by state with links to their web site. Apply online, request information or just a great way to begin collecting information about potential post secondary opportunities.

My Majors.com Have you decided that you want to go to college, but don't know what you want to major in? If you aren't sure, MyMajors.com can provide useful advice on college and university majors that a high school senior or college freshman with your interests and achievements might do well in.

Campus Tours Students may enjoy a visual tour of hundreds of college campuses. It is a great way to get a feel for the campus that might be too far away for a weekend drive.


The Christian Connector provides a free Christian college information service as well as a $2,500 Christian college scholarship drawing.


Welcome to Your Future This page offers links to college admissions offices, college search sites, links to all branches of Military services, Professional organizations that may be related to a planned college major or career as well as links to on-campus organizations. Check out 2 year colleges and vocational schools here too! A list of sites for special needs students is included.


Two Year Colleges You will find just about every two year college in the country on this web site.


Landmark College This College is specifically designed to help students with learning disabilities and AD/HD to gain their associate degrees and the tools necessary to advance their education to a four year school.






College Readiness



College Search Websites

The Princeton Review.Com - A superb college search site that allows you to set the parameters (your interests, majors, public or private school, size, etc.) and then gives you a list of schools that fit your profile

C3 Apply - This is a very quick and easy, user friendly site that allows you to point and click the factors to consider in choosing a college. It is a wonderful college search program and lots of other information about college preparation.

CollegeNet - Here is a site that claims to find you the right college and then gives you an online application so you can apply instantly. Also has a free scholarship search program

My College Guide - Another comprehensive web site for the college bound student. Rankings, searches, tips on admission essays, early admission advice...you can find it all here.

My College Options - a free college search site that matches your interests with colleges that fit those interests.

Kaplan's College Search - Here is another comprehensive site for the college bound student. They will, however try to sell you some of their test prep programs.

Schools in the USA - You can search schools by majors, get help with choosing a career and much more

College Rankings

College Rankings US News ranks Colleges and Universities around the country.

Kiplinger's - 100 best college values combining great academics and affordable tuitions.

Athlete Information

NCAA Clearinghouse - This website is for student-athletes who want to play in Division I and Division II schools. You can register online right here! (See the "Domestic Student Release Form" under "Prospective Student-Athletes").

NAIA Eligibility Guide If you are a student athlete and thinking of going to a smaller school, check out this website.

National Junior College Athletic Association - If you are interested in playing a sport at a junior college...click here


All scholarship information will be disseminated to students through Edmodo. Each week an updated list will be posted on Edmodo. Please see Mr. Graham for the Group Access Code. The scholarship list includes specific information on qualifying criteria, application deadlines and amount of the scholarship award. Students and parents are also encouraged to stop by the counseling office for assistance as needed. Please pay particular attention to deadline dates.

College Guidance